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Building Brave...

How a brunch sparked a movement.

The History of Braving Infertility Together

After an organic search online for infertility support, a small group of local ladies decided to brave a meeting. An afternoon for 6 turned in to 25 for dinner the following month. From there, an online support group formed to help the members stay connected. We watched each other's journey unfold and stood next to one another faithfully.

In June of 2016, our group officially registered at Braving Infertility Together and set out to apply for our 501(c)3. Having been approved as a not for profit organization, our intention is to support our members at any stage of their infertility. Funds acquired through donations are used to encourage our ladies in time of grief and celebration. Proceeds are also marked for scholarship to our retreats, financial assistance with bills associated with family planning, and growth of our platform.

From Our Founder

“Infertility is a lonely space. Once I realized traditional support groups segregate ladies based on where they are in their journey, I felt compelled to do something different. Loving one another through our mess would be hard, but not impossible. We could love better. We should love better. We ARE loving better.”

Sarah Ivy

Founder and Executive Director

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